Thursday, September 6, 2007

Our First Prop Building Experience

I'm attempting to build a Flying Crank Ghost. This will be the first Halloween Prop I've attempted. Check out the original by Phantasmechanics HERE !

I decided to build it out of 1/2 PVC. Here is the dry-assembled rig:

It measures approximately 36" by 30". The cross braces in the center are for the motor mount.

Originally, I destroyed a $5 Walmart fan for the motor:

BJ convinced me it was too fast without enough torque.

I then found a Rotisserie motor at Walmart for $20:

Here it is with the "spit" cut off to about 5 inches and a makeshift crank attached!
I plan on cementing the rig together this weekend and adding eye hooks to hang it from the ceiling, as well as eye hooks to run the fishing line from the crank to the ghost.
Suzi will work on "Clara" the ghost--she's much more artistic than I. I'll post more pics and descriptions of the process as I make my progress. Wish me luck.
and Happy Halloween!

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